Alethea Eriksson is a South African-Swiss abstract artist living in Baden, Switzerland. Her paintings are evocative inner landscapes inspired by emotions, memories, yearnings and nature. These are distilled in an intuitive process-oriented painting process which invites experimentation and a dash of serendipity.

“I see my painting as visual poems which express what I can’t put into words."


I paint mixed-media abstract paintings which are evocative and speak to your emotions. They are a distillation of my mood, yearnings, inspiration from nature combined in an intuitive creative process which welcomes experimentation and happy accidents.  My intention is to create an invitation for the viewer to visually enter the work and experience what lies beyond, for them.

My intention is to offer the viewer restorative places of soulful beauty which connect to their own experience of nature, wonder and chaos.I love the process of painting itself because I lose myself in it. It gives me a break from thinking and allows me to perceive and express feelings that I cannot put into words. It makes me feel more in touch with myself and it contributes much to my emotional well-being.

Creative Process

I use different surfaces (wood, canvas, paper) and currently I paint mainly with acrylic on paper. As I incorporate many other materials it's a mixed media technique.

I start by activating the surface with pencils, felt-tip pens, crayons, charcoal, oil pastels or with ink or acrylic paint. I start completely spontaneously and playfully, the colours, are perhaps even incidental. Sometimes I start out with just a fragment of an idea or a faint feeling for a colour combination I want to explore. Then I try to get out of my own way and let the energy and curiosity for the painting guide me. Opening up to the process rather than focusing on the end result is a fascinating journey. Then, as I add layers, I start to work out the contrast and create a variety of forms. I move back and forth between intuitive flow and thoughtful analysis, trying to remain brave, taking risks and also giving chance a chance so that energetic and fresh images emerge.

A painting can take from a day to an eternity for me to be satisfied with it. 

Artist's Bio

I was was born in South Africa where I did Bachelor and Honours degrees in History of Art. We immigrated to Switzerland in 1986. Here I worked in foreign language training for 25 years. Since 2012 I have dedicated my time to my artistic development and practice. This has included doing intensive self-study, a year at the Zurich School of Art and Design, plus numerous classes and workshops with local and international artists. In 2019 I was selected for a residency in Iceland. In 2020 I did the intensive on-line course, CVP or Creative Visionary Program with Art2Life. This year I'm working on finding a more intuitive expressive visual langauge with the help of abstract expressionist Nancy Hillis.

My paintings have been shown in group and solo shows in Switzerland and are in collections on three continents.

I am a member of the various artists’ groups including the international private Connected Artists’ Club, and SGBK (Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Kuenstlerinnen).